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Default Singapore: The Ice Cream Gallery reviewed

The Scoop on The Ice Cream Gallery
5 August 2009 51 views No Comment By admin
By Isaac Chan

Lets face it, local ice cream parlours are popping up like weeds in an open field, or acne on an adolescent, each boasting a unique flavour, one after another. Unlike the extinct bubble tea phase, or the endangered doughnut trend, ice cream has always been a non-ephemeral cuisine for everyone. As an ardent ice cream fan, I decided to check out The Ice Cream Gallery at Valley Point.

Former Librarian Ann Yik, 32 had her reasons for naming her ice cream parlour as such. “My husband loves to paint and we wanted to have a combination of both my love for ice cream and his love for painting and colours…it’s partly related to our love for creativity and passion in ice cream making.”

This four years old establishment is an extension from its original branch at Eastwood. The humble, shy character of the owner is mirrored in the design of the shop. An organized layout and warm lighting makes it a chirpy place for customers with a craving for fuss free ice cream. The décor is minimal with its generic combination of timbre and leather furniture. The walls are generously decorated with a myriad of bright posters, bearing ice cream cones and fruit. (“The painting idea fell through, so we got some reprints instead”, Ann quips.)

Her philosophy is “the desire to combine different ingredients into ice cream” and boy does she deliver. I particularly enjoyed the fragrant Sea Salt Caramel & Roasted Almonds flavour. Don’t be fooled by its rocky-road like appearance. On first taste, it is pleasant, just like a typical caramel combination, but after subsequent bites, the lingering taste of salt starts to form. It boasts chunks of diced almonds with the masking taste of caramel. The natural saltiness of the nuts and the sea salt makes it a perfect union, letting your taste buds experience a burst of flavour. My advice is to refrain from vigorous licking as the almond bits are rather big.

Durian lovers would find the D24 Durian to their liking. Durian flesh is generously added into this magical concoction. The strong odour of the fruit is proof that the ice cream is made with genuine D24 durian, a must try for ardent followers of the king of fruit. I did not like the Avocado Gula Melaka though. The natural creaminess of the fruit, topped with the saturated Malay dessert proved to be too overbearing for my palate. Surely patrons with a full meal in their stomachs would find this a chore to complete.

The Ice Cream Gallery truly is well, a gallery. “We have made 50 plus flavours so far”, the service staff chirps, “but due to the lack of demand, we have retired a few flavours” Their newest flavour is the Maple Butter Pecan, which was unavailable that day. The shop front plays hosts to the conventional flavours as well as Ann’s very own concoctions like Cherry Chocolate, Banana Chocolate and Cappuccino Almond. Alcohol lovers will not feel left out with exquisite choices like Kirsch Cherry and Whiskey Plum available.

In general, the ice cream served is extremely creamy, compared to other parlours. The servings are mightily generous and it is evident that quality is not compromised by quantity. This place is what it says it is, The Ice Cream Gallery!

The Ice Cream Gallery is located at Valley Point #01-20, 491 River Valley Road (Tel:6235 0870) & Eastwood Centre #01-13, 20 Eastwood Road (Tel: 62462926)
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