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Default Oman: Sweet Frankincense Ice Cream

from The Times of Oman:
New taste of Oman: Sweet frankincense ice cream
Sarah MacDonald
12 November 2011 10:44:02 Oman Time

MUSCAT: An American woman living in Salalah has captured the exotic flavour of Oman in her new product — frankincense ice cream.

Trygve Harris started making frankincense-flavoured ice cream and selling it at the Salalah souk during the last khareef season. It sold out every night and she couldn’t keep up with the demand.

“Who knew that it would be so good? The cream and the richness really hold the frankincense well. My particular frankincense is water distilled so it is more floral and sparkling with butterfly top notes and sweetness,” Harris says.

Harris had already make frankincense candy, so it seemed natural to try making ice cream of the same favour. She has also experimented with other local flavours, including coconut, banana and lime.

“I got interested in making things with the flavour of Oman,” she says.

Harris says the frankincense ice cream is cooling and refreshing, but has other benefits, too. Frankincense is used for meditation and relaxation.

When she sold it at the Salalah souk, she noticed the ice cream’s positive effects.

“When people ate it they became very happy. They would taste it and stand in front of me and laugh and laugh and laugh. It was the most fun I’ve ever had!” Harris says.

Now she has launched a company here in Oman called Enfleurage Middle East, and hopes to be producing the ice cream on a larger scale by February.

Harris wants to have a creamery, a distillery for the frankincense, and candy production. She may also have a visitor center for the frankincense ice cream.

Harris has always loved fragrances and came to Oman in 2006 to see the frankincense trees and find a distiller who could supply her with frankincense oil.

She wanted the oil to sell in her shop, Enfleurage, in New York City, which sells all kinds of lotions, candles and oils with different scents such as oud, sandalwood and jasmine. In 2008 she decided to move to Oman, and now she shares her time between Salalah and New York City.

“I feel an urge from my gut and my heart, and I can’t seem to leave. The frankincense is like something that I do, but I think I have Oman in my heart,” she says.

When Harris was a teenager, she saw a travel magazine that mentioned a cruise ship stopping at the Ports of Salalah and Muscat, and since then she had felt the desire to visit Oman.
“It seemed like the most exotic place in the world,” she explains.

When Harris found out that frankincense was from Oman, she was very excited! She’d been interested in fragrances since she was a child, and was always curious to know about the oils, what plants they came from, how they grew, and the stories behind them.

Now Harris is writing a new story for frankincense, with the launch of her beautifully-flavoured ice cream. “Everybody loves ice cream!” she says.

© Muscat Press and Publishing House SAOC 2008
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