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Default Sundaes and Cones' New and Exciting Flavor Black Rose

Sundaes and Cones in the East Village is a place I have written about here before. A light, airy, and clean independent ice cream parlor with a decent amount of space, it also has a decent selection of ice cream flavors. Though it skews towards the exotic tastes of an Oriental management and/or clientele, (corn or black sesame ice cream anyone?) it is also not short on the tried-and-true, milkshakes, malteds, and plain vanilla, as well as such refined options as lavender ice cream are generally available. It tends not to have big shockers when it comes to ice cream flavor and topping options. Such things as honey dew melon ice cream are only slightly exotic to the sophisticated palates of their potential customers. I admit, I hadn't been in a while, as in recent years, life has taken me more often than not to places far from the area in which it operates. (Also, it's expensive at $4.00+ for a cup/cone.) Which is why I was a bit surprised on my most recent visit there a couple of days ago. Besides pandering to one of the more recent food fads, (they had a salted caramel ice cream), they also had an ice cream flavor which they noted in print contained activated charcoal. This was "Black Rose" which is actually in truth more of a charcoal or gunmetal gray than actually fully black. Were they trying to compete with Morgenstern's (relatively nearby)? Was there a full-on fad for charcoal-containing black ice cream? Was activated charcoal in ice cream the next big thing, and would we be able to buy it pre-packaged by the carton at the supermarket after it spread among the ice cream parlors surrounded by a hipster population? I admit, I had been a little wary of attempting to eat Morganstern's black ice cream, but I got up the nerve to ask for a tasting spoon, and then later invested in a cup of the Black Rose at Sundaes and Cones. I was surprised by how mild-tasting it was. A basic vanilla ice cream with added rose water seemed to be the base, but the flowery flavor of the rose water was made less assertive by the neutralizing power of the charcoal. The charcoal was ground exceedingly fine, so it was only occasionally gritty. Though I consider this far from my favorite ice cream flavor, it was good enough that I would choose it over honeydew ice cream.
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