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Pint of Ice Cream Ample Hills 6th Birthday 5/28/17 swag + potential free ice cream orig Bklyn location

Taste of New York

Written By Jordan Slocum - May 26 2017
It’s hard to believe six years ago Ample Hills opened its doors (and four days later sold out of ALL the ice cream). Thanks to the overwhelming support and love from the community we haven’t closed our doors since.
Help us celebrate our 6th birthday by attending our Sell Out celebration event this Sunday, May 28th at our original Vanderbilt location (623 Vanderbilt Avenue). We start the day fully stocked in the dipping case and as each flavor sells out, the price decreases until its free. Yes, free! We will have lots of swag, Amployees and tons of ice cream party favors.
If you're not in New York and can’t make our sell out celebration, don't fret we also have a special present for you too. We are offering a taste of NY available online for nationwide shipping ALL summer long!
Did you know that each of our shops has its own unique flavor? Until now, these flavors have only been available at their inspired locations, but in honor of our 6th birthday, we are offering these flavors in a Taste of New York 4-Pack. This special four pack includes our brand-new Dekalb Market store flavor: Harry & Eigel’s Marbled & Malted.
The stories behind the flavors:
The Commodore // Vanderbilt : Salty honey ice cream with chocolate-covered potato chip clusters and honeycomb candy.
Our first shop on Vanderbilt Avenue opened in 2011. We used to make all the ice cream for Ample Hills in its 175 square foot kitchen. When we inevitably outgrew that space, we remodeled the kitchen to be more open and encourage visitors waiting in line to engage in the process of making ice cream. We make this shop’s flavor, The Commodore in this new (even smaller) kitchen. We drew inspiration from the avenue’s namesake, Cornelius Vanderbilt.
In his early years, Cornelius Vanderbilt ferried passengers across the East River. Years later, he turned to the railroad, where he amassed a great fortune, paving the streets in gold. And while he helped usher in the Gilded Age and built Grand Central Station, perhaps his greatest achievement was the potato chip. At a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, he went his fried potatoes back to the kitchen, demanding that they be “thinner!” “crispier!”... the rest is history.
It Came From Gowanus // Gowanus: Our darkest, saltiest chocolate ice cream with pieces of orange-scented brownies and hazelnut crack cookies with white chocolate pearls..
Our second full-time location in Gowanus was built with a larger production space to keep up with increasing demand. We opened our 3,600 square foot location a block away from the Gowanus Canal. The once thriving transportation hub is now a polluted Superfund site, a murky green colored waterway flowing through this evolving neighborhood. Playing off this new proximity and Brian’s history as science-fiction screenwriter, we created a flavor called It Came From Gowanus-- an imagined monster movie creature emerges from the trenches. (link to NY Mag)
It came from the deep. Up through the passages of time, out of the primordial depths, pitch-dark, mysterious and all-powerful. It came from Gowanus.
The salty and bittersweet chocolate ice cream is our darkest ever, filled with orange-scented brownies and hazelnut crack cookies. We added white chocolate pearls as a nod to the oysters tasked with cleaning up the waterway.
Floatin’ Over The High Line // Bubby’s High Line: Root beer ice cream made with Bubby’s root beer syrup, mini marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.
Our second Manhattan location opened just this month at Bubby’s High Line. Bubby’s is a New York institution, known for delicious brunches and homemade pies. Our new shop is within the High Line restaurant, serving 12 flavors, pie sundaes and pie shakes. This location’s flavor Floatin’ Over The High Line speaks to classic Americana, nostalgic soda fountains-- it’s a root beer float reimagined! We make the base with Bubby’s root beer syrup and fold in mini marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.
Harry & Eigel’s Marbled & Malted (new!) // Dekalb Market Hall: Made with Junior’s marbled cheesecake! Chocolate malted ice cream with pieces of Junior’s marbled cheesecake and chocolate crushed malt balls.

Harry Rosen opened Junior’s restaurant in 1950 and later hired master baker Eigel Peterson. Together they created what would soon be known as the best cheesecake in New York City. “Harry & Eigel’s Marbled and Malted”, a chocolate Malted ice cream with pieces of Junior’s marbled cheesecake and malted milk balls, pays homage to to this iconic restaurant, a relic of Old Brooklyn that continues to thrive, maintain its authenticity and serve amazing cheesecake. And lucky for us, will be our brand new Dekalb store flavor.

We hope for many, many more ice cream birthdays in the future. A big thank you to all our loyal customers and rock star Amployees. We couldn’t do ALL this without you. We hope you enjoy this taste of NY (and a little spirit of Ample Hills). Happy 6th!
Cautionary tales about culinary experimentation:
Our Haunted Island
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