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Default Ice Cream Sandwich Tips from Summer of Ice Cream Sandwiches

From Good Morning America:
The good thing about ice cream sandwiches-as opposed to the cronut- is that they are easily made at home. To make the best version possible, follow these tips from (Anna) Gordon:

Purposefully overbake: Take your favorite cookie recipe and flatten it down before you bake it so you get a nice even surface to work with. Then, you can overbake it, which helps keep it crispy when itís frozen.
Mix and match: Try adding a third element, not just ice cream and cookie, like something crunchy, like nuts or candy, for texture, or a sauce like caramel or fudge to act like a glue.
Play copycat: Think of some of your favorite desserts, like símores or tiramisu, and try to recreate those flavors. For símores, take a graham cracker cookie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and toasted marshmallows. For tiramisu, use a soft cookie like a ladyfinger, make a mascarpone cream with some sugar and stuff it with coffee ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Know your audience: If youíre making a sandwich just for yourself, itís easy enough to scoop straight onto a cookie or your bun of choice. But if youíre making for a crowd, pre-cool the cookies and ice cream disks, and then cool after assembling so people have an easy portable package and donít have to rush to eat the sandwich before it melts.
Cautionary tales about culinary experimentation:
Our Haunted Island
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